SPÅR, Recensioner


“As an example of the breadth of paths to tread, Anna Öberg’s SPÅR can be mentioned, a work which has been refined down to as much a minimalist as historically descriptive interpretation of what the essence of Swedish folk dance means for us today.”
Lotta Harryson Danstidningen 6/2009

”SPÅR is a personal journey, through places of memory, sound and motion through a beautifully staged dialogue between dancer and musician. Through the work the audience is transported to a place outside of time, to face myths and archetypes that touch the essence of the self that exists only in dance.”
Ana Sanchez-Colberg 2010, choreographer and dancer

“Anna Öberg’s dance is for me simultaneously sensual and objective. Mystical and minimalistic. Her short solo dance “SPÅR” is bridled passion…/ The dance provides no calm – it makes the ground on which I stand uncertain and causes it to quake. Intangibility interpreted. For me – someone who transports me over Styx, who leads me onwards, who crosses a boundary.”
Bodil Persson 2010, writer and dramaturgist, works at (amongst other places) Dramatiska Institutet and Sveriges Radio