Jonas Knutsson & Hornplease: Hornplease!


Swedish folk music and world music played on six saxophones, percussion and bass conducted by the saxophonist,
composer and arranger Jonas Knutsson. In Horn Please! you can hear some of the best young Swedish traditional folk musicians in a sound that wavers between the traditional and original, the arranged and the improvised.

Aside from the compositions by Knutsson, the repetoir consists of traditional music from different parts of Sweden and South India. Folk music with a sound you’ve never heard before!

Jonas Knutsson Sopranino-, Soprano-, Alto-, Baritone saxophone, Alexandra Särström Soprano, Baritone saxophone, 
Åsa Johansson Soprano-, Tenor saxophone, Hanna W Griffiths, Soprano, Alto saxophone, Klas Toresson Soprano, Tenor saxophone, 
Daniel Reid Soprano saxophone, Bengt Jonasson Electric bass, Petter Berndalen Percussion
Released 16.10.07


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