Unni Boksasp Ensemble: Kvite Fuglar

Kvite Fuglar

February 2013 Unni Boksasp Ensemble released their new album Kvite Fuglar (White birds). 
It follows their success record from 2010, Keramello, a record that won both 
the Norwegian Grammy and Folk Music Award for best album. All songs are written by Unni Boksasp and arranged by the Ensemble. The theme of the lyrics much revolves around the journey – both physically and mentally, to search for something, to find, to leave and to arrive.

Unni Boksasp Vocals, Jorun Marie Kvernberg Fiddle/hardinger fiddle, Olav Mjelva Fiddle/hardinger fiddle, Trygve Brøske Wood organ, Magne Vestrum Double bass, Petter Berndalen Percussion

Released 26.02.13


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