Gjallarhorn: Rimfaxe


The theme of this CD is the magic horse that frequently appears in Nordic mythology; Rimfaxe (Rimemane) is the horse of the goddess of night and dawn (Nótt). He rides the night sky and brings rest and tranquillity to the gods every night. His mane is the moonlight, and his foam is the dew that settles in each valley at dawn.

Gjallarhorn “Rimfaxe” is the BBC Music Magazine’s world music “Choice of the month” album 01/2007, with a 5/5 stars review:

Originally hailing from the chilly climes of Ostrobothnia, (a Swedish-speaking part of Finland), the quartet Gjallarhorn have made some dense, dark, and sometimes ‘difficult’ music in the past decade. Their fourth album Rimfaxe gets the shadows-and-light balance just right, thanks in no small part to mixing and ‘sonic design’ by Bruce Swedien, also known for his work on Michael Jackson’s Thriller album. There’s a strong sense of place and adventurous narrative throughout this set of radically modern takes on medieval hymns and ballads, leavened with a racing ‘bonfire song’, a ‘cow call
improvisation’ and more. The piercing, ice-clear voice of sole original member Jenny Wilhelms is their most striking asset, best heard on ‘Hymn’. And the strangest sound is the extraordinary moaning of Göran Månsson’s sub contrabass recorder, in place of the didgeridoo the band once used for drone effects. Master percussionist Petter Berndalen duets with Adrian Jones’s viola on a polska dance and there are some marvellous, dissonant surges of brass on ‘Silverbright’. It’s not easy listening, but it’s worth the effort.

The album, produced and recorded by Martin Kantola. Mixing and sonic design is by the legendary Bruce Swedien, who recorded the worlds most selling album. Michael Jacksson´s “Thriller”.

Jenny Wilhelms Vocals, Adrian Jones Viola and Mandola, Petter Berndalen Percussion, Göran Månsson Flutes.

Released 29.08.06


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