Yaneka: You´re Free

You´re Free

A collaboration project with two Japanese musicians, two Swedish musicians, British Council Japan, EMI Music Japan and Abbey Road Studios London.

Chiyako Maeda have studied the traditional Japanese singing style “Naga-Uta” from young years. As a teenager she choosed to quit her traditional education to be able to develope in her own way. This style still put a stong color to her voice as long as a rich amount of inspiration from diffrent types of traditional music she has discovered, touring Asia and Europe.

Yuichiro Maeda attended Paul McCartney´s LIPA, Liverpool Institute of Performing Art at 16 years age. In the Maeda family every male has carried the knowledge of building Buddist Temples and Shirne Roofs for 17 generations. Concentrate of guitar playing he discontinued a long lasting family tradition. After this turn Yuichiro has developed a unique way to handle the guitar together with electronics on a brilliant way.

Petter Berndalen has turned the accepted conditions and past norms of drum playing up-side-down. He is fascinated by the melodic function of solo fiddle performers of Swedish folk music, and this forms the basis for his playing. After 10 years of studies Petter has achieved a master degree in Swedish traditional music at the Royal College of Music in Stockholm.

Göran Månsson plays flutes, pipes and recorders. Göran currently ranks as one of the most exciting and dynamic flute players on the Swedish folk music scene. He comes from the town of Haverö in Norrland in the north of Sweden. As a descendant of one of Sweden’s celebrated folk music families, Göran is actively furthering the Swedish folk music heritage.

Chiyako Maeda Vocals, Yuichiro Maeda Guitar & Electronics, Petter Berndalen Percussion, Göran Månsson Flutes.

Released 21.06.08