Japan tour with Yaneka

Right after the tour with Kraja started next tour with the Japanese band Yaneka. We have played together on and off since 2007. 2008 we recorded a CD together in the legendary Abbey Road Studios in London. The first concert of the tour was a collaboration with the Japanese musician Kanako Kato and her band. […]

Japan tour with Kraja

In June, I was a guest musician on Krajas tour of Japan. Being on tour in Japan is always an equally amazing experience. The first time I was there was in 2004 when I played with Finnish Swedish Gjallarhorn. All five times I was in Japan, I have collaborated with the concert agent Kou Koiwa […]

Umeå Meets Umeå Part 2

Here you can see part two of the documentary about the project Umeå Meets Umeå. Now things really start to happen. Though the project is still in its infancy, I think we have already created quite stunning music. It will be very exciting to work on now.

New York

Just got home from This is How we Fly’s first US tour. We started with a few days as Artist´s in recidence at Princeton University, then a concert at Wesleyan in Middletown, Connecticut, and finally three sold-out nights in a row at the Irish Arts Center in Manhattan, New York City. An absolutely fabulous trip!

Edvard Grieg

This weekend we have been practicing with Unni Boksasp Ensemble at Klostergården Tautra outside Trondheim. We work with a gigantic project with the music Edvard Grieg used as a basis when he wrote the Opus 72 for over 100 years ago. In spring 2017, we’ll be ready with a new work with the working title […]

Computer game music

When I visited Umeå, I recorded the drums for an upcoming video game in the studio Second Home. What game it is, is a secret, but it is launched by one of the world’s largest video game companies. I’ll update here when it’s official!