Umeå Meets Umeå

The project is supported by the Swedish Art Department Statens Musikverk and is aimed at creating new music taken from the dialects from the county of Västerbotten, along with musicians who associate with the focal point of the area, Umeå.

The music is based on phrases, rhythms and melodies derived from archive recordings of the older dialects of the ares, filed at DAUM, an important institute for Language and Folklore. The work on the compositions is currently underway and is continuously displayed through documentary films about the work.


Petter Berndalen – percussion & animoog, composer & project manager
Torbjörn Näsbom – violin and nyckelharpa
Mats Öberg – keyboard
Jimmy Ågren – guitar
Pelle Henricsson – sound creator & documentation
Norrlandsoperans Symphony Orchestra

Expected result:

A piece in 10 parts in a total of about 60 minutes. Music that does not look like something heard before. A kind of new folk music originating in Västerbotten, intertwined with contemporary art music improvisation and electroacoustic music.