NID, Lira

Artist: NID
Title: NID
Genre: Folk
Label: Academus
Reviewed by: Jonas Bergroth Lira

“Feels like in all respects typical of the time Swedish folk production in spring 2006. The folk rock heavy rocking heyday is irretrievably over. No Garmar or Pagans fill festival scenes. When [ni:d] play together, it is rather matter of almost chamber musical sensitivity and responsiveness in the interaction. The result becomes pronounced listening music best suited for churches, concert halls or possibly really expensive headphones.
Music Higher Buddies Hanna Wiskari on saxophone, Mia Gustafsson on violin and percussionist Petter Berndalen strive towards melody´s center so tightly that they want to be in a single sounding body. The album is a bit the same breath child about Johan Hedin’s various projects and perhaps a logical continuation assuming Swedish folk music’s super trio Väsen. Not surprisingly, the guard member Mikael Marin stands as [ni:d]´s musical godfather. “