Kraja: Brusand Hav

Brusand Hav

“This time, the vocal song northern Queens surprisingly large and with great authenticity. Songs beautiful poetry is partly their own creations, and taken from Swedish poets Södergran, Boye, Ferlin et al. Pliant melodies captures the mood of the poems. Krajas strength is the delicious vocal arrangements are varied but here less contrived. Quartet has also had the good taste to invite visiting musicians as the Chilean guitarist Nano Stern and musicians Jonas Knutsson and Petter Berndalen, whose improvisations raises the record another dimension.” Alexandra Ullsten, Lira

Lisa Leastander Vocals, Eva Lestander Vocals, Linnea Nilsson Vocals, Frida Johansson Vocals.
Guests: Nano Stern Guitar, Jonas Knutsson Sporano saxophone, Petter Berndalen Percussion

Released 21.01.11


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