NID, Arvika Nyheter

Artist: NID
Title: NID
Genre: Folkmusic
Label: Academus
Reviewed by: Sven Ljungberg, Arvika News

“Inspiring folkmusic!
Mia Gustafsson, Hanna Wiskari and Petter Berndalen have published a quite extraordinary folk music CD. The on paper slightly odd turnover; violin, saxophone and percussion shows in practice, interpreting the music in a seductive manner. Micke Marin writes in the disc’s cover art [ni:d] managed to create “musical Nordic light”. It is a parable as well presents the group’s music.
You should try to trace influences to the group’s sound can listen to Filarfolket, where one of Mia’s inspirers Ellika Frisell played the violin and Tina Johansson-Quartey played percussion. Especially the wonderfully wacky old-time song Blackberry Blossom could very well have appeared on an old Filarfolket plate and Eve Saethers wonderful “Fastän” Although there were actually on Groupas classics Without Sans from, 1988.
When I played the CD for some “rock-oriented youth” was the spontaneous comment that it sounds like Freak Kitchen with IA Eklundh on the violin! The parable says a lot about the intensity and feeling of presence in the music.
It is a CD that can unreservedly recommend anyone who is interested in good music!
Actually, it is the best folk plate I’ve heard in a very long time. “