BLM visiting Iceland

BLM was recently in Iceland in the town of Akureyri and participated in the festival / event / conference Traditions of Tomorrow. This was one of the traveling I do, when I have time to meet many nice people and experience things around the specific concerts. We were invited to Guðrún H. Bjarnadóttir a very […]

Kilkenny Artsfestival

August 15 to 18, we played at Kilkenny Arts Festival in Ireland, This is How we Fly had the great honor to play with amongst others, the legends Martin Hayes and Bill Frisell.

This is How we Fly on tour

On July 29, we made the year’s only gig in Sweden with This is How we Fly on Stöde Music Week. After the concert we celebrated Seán Mac Erlaines birthday with waterskiing. Many thanks to for this beautiful expreience! The following day we traveled down to France and played a concert at De Bouche […]

Ethno Norway

July 5 to 14, I received the honor of being the Artistic Leader of Ethno Norway together with Johanna Juhola and Erik Rydvall. I’m very happy for this. It was my first ethno camp, I hope for many to come.

Norrdans in Warsaw

This weekend we had the last performance of Beautiful Beast with Norrdans & Gjallarhorn in Warsaw, Poland. There has been an absolutely fantastic time but also a bit sad that we will not see this fabulous choreography again.

Petter creates music of Hallström’s metal

Published in LT 11th of June 2014 This year marks Hallströms workshops 100 years, and it should be celebrated with music. A custom metal concert to be precise. The percussionist Petter Berndalen has been commissioned to write a work for the company’s Fall Jubilee. The instruments will consist of products and materials available in the […]