This is How we Fly – Release tour in Ireland

Sept. 25-29 – This is How we Fly – Release tour in Ireland.
The album, titled “This is How we Fly” is received with accolades from the press.

“If you want to know where Irish trad will be going in the next 50 years, you need to listen to This Is How We Fly.”
Hearth Music

Participation in television program

Four episodes of the cooking program on TV “Halv åtta hos mig” (Half past eight at my place) is now recorded. The sections are scheduled to be sent in March 2014.
But I will not tell more. It’s still a secret who else is involved and what we cooked, or who won. Updating the blog with air time later…

Visit my recording studio

I have developed my recording studio for years. Built in walls, floors and ceilings. Have also replaced the entire signal path to the best sounding cables going to find on the market. Now it is finally finished and three CDs are recorded. BLM “Svang” and the upcoming This is How we Fly “This is How […]

NID in Mangskog

Some pictures from the concert with NID in Mangskog Church in Värmland, Sweden. August 24, 2013
Photo: Ben Griffiths

Gjallarhorn & Norrdans

Gjallarhorn & NorrDans played dance performance Beautiful Beast at Sergel’s Square in Stockholm August 14 to 15. Very good sound and 2000 people in the audience. So cool feeling to play on their instruments in the middle of the city where you live so it sounds several hundred yards in all directions. Also, always a […]

CD Release with Ulrika Bodén Band

On Urkultfestivalen Ulrika Boden released hernew album, Folk Love Songs, with new band Ulrika Bodén Band. A small special edition sold out right after the festival. A larger edition of the album will be available in stores and for download later this fall.